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Developers, designers, engineers, inventors and business people unite!

Join Startup Weekend Veenendaal if you have a great idea or love to work on innovative and sustainable concepts. Bring them to the next level in 54 hours and start a new company!

Startup Weekend started out in 2007 and has since then due to its huge success been held in more than 300 cities and launched over thousands of new profitable businesses.

Are you a developer or designer?

Create new websites, apps or games during Startup Weekend. You can work on your own concepts and get help from others or join a team to develop innovative products and services. Use your awesome skills and launch a new sustainable product or service in 54 hours!

Are you an engineer, scientist or inventor?

Are you working on world changing products or services? Join startup weekend to team up with business minded people, designers and developers. Test market opportunities and bring your sustainable innovations to market within 54 hours!

Business person or marketeer?

Have an awesome idea but don't know how to build it? Do you know everything about social media, customer segments, advertising, etc? Team up with developers, designers and engineers to launch a successful sustainable startup!

Are you student?

This is your opportunity for some real experience learning. Within 54 hours Startup Weekend takes you through a roller coaster. Learn how to build innovative products or services, design stunning products and feel what it's like to start your own company!



Jun 21
  • Registration Starts
  • Dinner
  • Welcome & Opening, followed by the keynote speaker
  • opening event
  • Pitches Start
  • Attendees vote for the top ideas
  • continue working at cafe


Jun 22
  • Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee
  • Register workshops
  • Setting up workspace for the weekend
  • Planning mentoring sessions
  • Start workshops
  • Lunch
  • Start workshops
  • Coaches help teams one-on-one. They are here to help!
  • Dinner
  • Finished for the day. You may stay and work as late as the venue will allow


Jun 23
  • Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee
  • Register workshops
  • Start workshops
  • Call for help (this is self motivated, so don’t be shy)
  • Lunch
  • Gut check. Start prepping for presentations
  • Dinner
  • Judging & awards
  • Wrapup
  • Closing: drinks and snacks for those who want to socialize and network
  • End of startup weekend

Wouter Kolff

Wouter Kolff is the mayor of Veenendaal. A young city in the province of Utrecht. With over 63,000 inhabitants and 4,000 companies! It is the shopping city and ICT city in region Food Valley.

Roeland Schweitzer

Roeland Schweitzer is a cultural entrepreneur and founder of He is an experienced trainer, journalist and artist. Roeland knows everything about the ideal pitch and helps young people who would like to learn it.
Therefore, offers an special workshop on the 23 of june! Highly recommended, because at the end of the day the participants have to present their own business case to an expert jury.

Chanan Moll


My name is Chanan Moll. Getting old, 27 years already! I started doing business as a little boy, so you can say that I was an entrepreneur from the day I can remember. Together with my business partner (Peter Budding) I started an online bureau called the “Media Artists” in 2008. Nowadays we have 16 talented colleagues with our main office in the Netherlands. Well, to be completely honest, right here in Veenendaal! Later this year we will open in other parts of Europe in response to demands from our clients.

So, I have got like 15 minutes to speak to you. Usually I can go on for hours so that might become a problem. Anyway my presentation will go into the changing environment in which you guys and girls need to operate and get your brand up and running. I will show you some innovation as well. But most of all I will talk about “data driven marketing” and the fact that it’s the biggest thing around these days. Hopefully I can trigger your enthusiasm and maybe inspire you to become the next big entrepreneur. And if not, we might have a laugh or something, which is just as awesome.

On behalf of the Media Artists,

Chanan Moll


Murat Kiran

Murat Kiran (1971) started his career 15 years ago in Netherlands, as a cleaner. By working hard and to work for the success of his customers, Murat made unprecedented fast career. Murat is the co-owner of Conclusion. He founded several companies in various industries including Future Technologies Today, Conclusion Future Infrastructure Technologies (Conclusion FIT) and FutureLabs.
In the last five years, Murat won more than ten awards. He was elected for The Other Businessman ' (2009) and won with Conclusion FIT a Skillcity Award (2009) and an FD Golden Gazelle Award (2011), both awards for the rapid growth of the company. In addition, Murat was chosen in 2012 by HOGIAF as the best Turkish-Dutch businessman and by Taskan Consultancy/Syntens as the the most innovative Turkish-Dutch businessman. Murat works always and everywhere in the interest of the client. His efforts know no limits.

Jeffrey Brouwer

Jeffrey Brouwer (25) laid the Foundation of his enterprise in the cafeteria of his father. He developed for the snack bar a digital menu bord. Soon, the local butcher and Baker also wanted this digital menu bord. When he ran against the limits of its establishment he met Richard Deighton. From this collaboration the enterprise LCD MENU startet, what later on changed into Novus Solutions. The company is now 4 years old and has grown tremendously. Customers of the company are the Amsterdam Arena, Delifrance, and kuuroord de Zwaluwhoeve.

Jeffrey Brouwer: Business director with a passion to be an innovative entrepreneur. My focus is creating new business together with dedicated software specialists."


Kasper Klaarenbeek

In my 30 years of experience I have worked in a number of positions in large (retail) companies. I am known as a business leader, communicator and synergist. (Small) business owners and big companies come to me for advice, help and inspiration to make a next step in their development. I have a HR background and professional experience
in HR, sales, and (change) management, training, coaching and public speaking.

What to expect? I will give you straight forward feedback and challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone, are you up to that? Let’s find out!

Ferry Gerritsen

Ferry Gerristen is co-owner of communications agency EF2 from Veenendaal. With this enterprise, he was last year elected for young company of the year. EF2 focuses on the strategic and opperational side of communication. In EF2, 13 specialists working on several projects such in internet, design, audiovisual productions and events. The past few years they have worked for De Hartstichting, Gemeente Veenendaal, VGZ, Mitutoyo and Disney. A quarter of the projects that they deliver has an educational character and is aimed at children and young people. That is according to Ferry, who himself once was a school teacher at a primary school the power of EF2.

Jan-Hein de Baat

Jan-Hein has worked since 25 years in the fast moving IT-field. 10 years ago he started as an independent provider called Routit with his current business partner. The wide scale of services in the range of internet, cloud, connectivity and communication together with the unique business-case caused a very rapidly growth. This resulted in the interest of divers multinationals and since last year one of these parties is co-owner of the company. What can Jan-Hein offer you this weekend? He is creative, a visionair and a strategic thinker, but above all he is a very direct communicator. What he thinks of you or your case, he will tell you without any reservation!

Linda Lex


I'm Linda Lex, married, mother of a son of 18 and a daughter of 12 , and co-owner of Pizzeria and Italian speciality restaurant "Da Gigi" in Veenendaal. I work for twenty years as a hostess in our cosy restaurant and manage the "Golden Girls" an enthusiastic group of young hostesses. Last year, we won the Award for best MKB enterprise. A beautiful sign of appreciation! In recent years my work enormously expanded with Marketing and PR activities: maintaining the website, sending the monthly digital newsletter and organizing various theme nights are just some examples. I also work with several entrepreneurs to make my dream come true. My dream is to set up a foundation, which organizes birthday parties for children of families who are not able to arrange this due to financial reasons. I hope that with my experience and your perseverance we can achieve your dreams.

Gerbrand Burink

Since 2005 Gerbrand Burink is co-owner of HZW accountants & belastingadviseurs (auditors and tax-advisors). The first half of his 18-years career he worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the Big4-firms. For 50 years HZW is a passionate partner for entrepreneurs and their companies, from small-sized (one employee) to big-sized (900 employees) in all kind of branches. The 30 employees of HZW give their clients a ‘ stressfree feeling’ about their financial and fiscal situation and if they want, they find in HZW a sparringpartner on leadership-issues. And this weekend Gerbrand is available for you on these issues.

Wouter Gijsbertsen

Wouter Gijsbertsen is founder of Cliptoo BV (, a digital marketing company, based in Veenendaal. This company supports its clients to attract, convert, close and delight new customers through Inbound Marketing and Location Based Marketing software and services. Wouter studied International Marketing Management and has over 19 years of sales and marketing expertise with international software companies such as Proloq, Baan Company, Firepond, PeopleSoft, Watermark, To-Increase. He pioneered and established a subsidiary in the USA for Proloq, a software company which had its headquarters in Veenendaal. As a pioneer he has experience with different kinds of business models for technology concepts. He is always focussed on combining innovation, creativity, pragmatism and realism. His linkedin profile is and you can read his blog on

Boudewijn van Achter

Boudewijn van Achter is co-owner of the Resource Management Agency named LRM Group since 1996. At the start of his career he was working both in sales and marketing for a big French pharmaceutical company. After ten years he started a recruitment agency (Interselect) for sales and marketing and communication positions. In 1990 he became Marketing & Marketing Communication manager of an expanding ICT company, called Sogeti. After 3 years he was pointed Manager of the Academy in the same company. His main task was to develop skills and knowhow of employees, specialists an management. Today Boudewijn is managing partner, senior consultant and personal coach.

Roeland Tameling
Guido Hanegraaf
Vian Kooiker
Marianne Schinkel
Rick van Manen
Peter de Weerd
Alistair Shepherd

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