Preparty Startupweekend


There will be a special edition of the ICT drink on May 30th , organized by Promotie Veenendaal and Bedrijvenkring Veenendaal (BKV). The network meeting is all about the Startup Weekend Veenendaal that is held in the weekend of June 22. During the free drink young IT professionals, entrepreneurs and designers get more information about the Startup Weekend, but also they can establish contacts with experienced ICT entrepreneurs from Veenendaal and its surroundings. In short: also for you an interesting networking opportunity!


The BKV and Promotie Veenendaal organize each quarter an ICT drink for entrepreneurs form the region food Valley. This edition is also accessible for people such as; young programmers, creative designers and young people with entrepreneurial plans. The reason: the ICT drink is one time renamed as Startup Weekend Preparty. The preparty must give the people anticipatory pleasure for the Startup Weekend Veenendaal, which takes place from 21 to 23 June.


Entrepreneurs, IT professionals and creative types may feel welcome to come to the Startup Weekend Preparty/ICT drink in Brasserie Zeldzaam from 17.30 hours / 5:30 pm. The only Condition is that you sign up through Facebook: More information about these activities can also be found on on

Startup Weekend

To interest the inhabitants of Veenendaal and the region food Valley in entrepreneurship, Promotie Veenendaal, Chamber of Commerce and info Support have set up under the auspices of the Kauffmann Foundation the Startup Weekend Veenendaal. In 54 hours you will have the chance to convert you’re entrepreneur’s idea to a concrete business plan.

Anyone who signs up for 22 May to participate in the Startup Weekend, benefits still from an interesting advance.