Music festival in Veenendaal


De Cultuurkoepel organizes together with other (cultural) institutions in the weekend of 21-23 June for the 5th time the recurrent music festival Veenendaal. Culture coordinator Marlies Taal created several new concerts. The programme features nationally-known bands and DJs, but also amateur musicians from Veenendaal.

The festival starts at Friday around 8 o’clock pm.  The weekend begins attractive due to the different performances. The next day will start around 1:30 pm. Brass band the eagly boys will start the day with a spectacular performance. At the end of the day there is none other than Billy the Klit to make this day complete. Sunday will be the last time that you can see the performance of the evensong. Under the management of Jan Kees de Koning is this a highly recommended show that you must see. The evensong is performed by members of different choirs of Veenendaal.Of course, this great feast cannot be taken at 1 location. The performances will be therefore spread over 4 locations. Horecaplein, De Markt, Kees Stipplein and Salvatorkerk are the places to be.

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