‘Entrepreneur for a day’ was a great success!


May 30th has been a great day for two people who entered the contest ‘Entrepreneur for a day’. The schedule that had been prepared for that day gave them the opportunity to learn some more about entrepreneurship. In the morning they visited a few businesses.

Wim, Ferry, Peter, Ronald and Linda are all very passionate entrepreneurs. They each operate in a different work field. Wim is the owner of ‘G. van Beek Kolen en Olie B.V.’, which exists since 1934. Ferry is the owner of ‘Communicatiebureau EF2’ and specializes in effective communication. Peter, from ‘Meent & Bouman’, is the best florist in Veenendaal and delivers flowers to businesses and consumers. Ronald and his ‘Robin Energie’ make sure that everyone knows what you should pay for your energy and Linda is the owner of ‘Da Gigi’, an Italian restaurant.

At first, these five companies don’t seem to have a lot in common, but dynamism, ambition and professionalism made sure that each business became a great success.

The winners of the contest ‘Entrepreneur for a day’ also got the chance to network with some businesspeople en had a lovely dinner at ‘Da Gigi’ at the end of the day. Hopefully the winners are inspired by this day and maybe their own business dream will come true in the future.